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The S&® guide to evaluating creative proposals

RESEARCH other advertising out there – not just the competition’s – and mentally note what you consider to be good or bad ideas. This will help you assess the ideas presented to you.

REVEAL your smiley side to show the agency that you’re joining the creative presentation in the right frame of mind – ready to enjoy the experience and to be impressed. You’ll get more out of them this way.

REFER TO BRIEF and remind yourself of the key objectives. Your agency should of course have done this before presenting their ideas.

RECOGNISE the fact that creatives are funny people. Always seeking perfection and fearful of rejection. It’s important not to dampen their enthusiasm.

REVIEW the basic idea and assess whether it answers the brief succinctly. If not, was the brief too complicated?

RECOGNISE that your initial reaction will be instinctive and that you should take time out to evaluate the idea objectively.

RESPOND by questioning the proposal, play devil’s advocate but don’t be negative.

REFLECT on the idea presented in your own time and consider what your next steps will be to make it a success.

REFINE if research suggests that some change can improve the idea’s effectiveness.

RELAX. You’ve done all you can to ensure a cracking campaign – time to put your feet up. Be ready to celebrate when your campaign is a great success, and include your agency in the celebrations.


Andy Sellers is founder and Creative Director of S&® the brandvertising agency, and a ‘Seriously Creative’ Consultant.