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Prepare a brand comms plan?

To be effective, brand communications need careful planning and clear direction – without it any investment in such activity may be at best misguided and at worst worthless. We use our ‘Brand Healthcheck’ questionnaire tool to give us an understanding of your business situation and objectives before helping you define brand values, establish brand positioning, identify target markets, review competitive activity and more, before preparing a strategy which will point your brand communications in the right direction.

  • Business Review
  • Brand Audit
  • Research Management
  • Marcoms Planning
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Develop a creative platform?

Once brand positioning has been established we can consider developing a media plan and creative platform upon which all brand communications should be based. A conceptual scribble is sometimes all that’s needed to inspire some persuasive copywriting and eye-catching, well-art-directed design to create standout for your brand. A brand’s advertising must engage with its audience, making them laugh, smile, cry or nod knowingly as they share the ‘aha’ moment of insight – that’s when advertising is working most effectively.

  • Concepts
  • Copywriting
  • Design
  • Creative Direction
  • Art Direction
  • Media Planning

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Take the message to market?

In today’s digital world brand communications can take many forms. And while there remains a role for persuasive, conventional media advertising in some situations, there are many other routes which can be taken to deliver the brand message – through online social media forums, entertainment content, emailings and blogs, for example. Or via in-store digital displays. But whatever the medium, our studio and production teams are well-equipped to produce the copy format required to deliver the brand message effectively and efficiently.

  • On/Offline
  • Above/Below the Line
  • Project Management
  • Studio
  • Production
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