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Making the case for bespoke photography

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Here are some behind-the-scenes shots of a photo shoot we carried out last week for new S&® client, Pukka-Pies. The shoot was commissioned, organised and art directed and by S&® for a new product launch campaign we’ll be working on over coming weeks (keep an eye out for work examples coming soon).

The time frame from when a new product idea is conceived to actually taking it to market can be very short, so when new imagery is required it can be tempting to turn to readily available stock library images rather than give your ad agency the task of organising a bespoke photo shoot and commission a commercial photographer. But whilst library images can serve a purpose (where else will you find a picture of the International Space Station?), we’d always maintain that there’s no substitute for bespoke and agency-art directed photography, tailored to answer a specific brief. Here’s a few reasons why …

The right photographer will be chosen for the job in hand:
An ad agency will have a roster of experienced photographers to choose from. So whether it’s a lifestyle shoot on location or still life studio imagery you’re after, you can be sure you’ll be getting the best photographer for the job, one who has specific experience in that field.

The chosen location will be appropriate and practicable:
Your agency can take full responsibility for sourcing and securing a suitable location. It will also liaise direct with the venue prior to the shoot to ensure everything from parking permits and access to power sources is catered for.

The shoot will have creative direction:
An agency art director will take responsibility for translating desired moods, messages, and concepts to ensure the images produced match the requirements of the brief. They’ll also ensure the shoot runs smoothly, allowing the photographer to concentrate on the practicalities of shot framing, lighting and exposure.

The images will be fit for purpose:
It’s vital that the images are fit for their intended use, so if they’re going to be used on large format exhibition panels, for example, the agency will ensure they’re captured at the right resolution and supplied in the most suitable format.

The result will be true to brand:
Unlike stock library images, the agency will have full control of the overall look and style of the photography, ensuring it’s distinctive and remains true to brand values.