S&® Guides

In recent times we’ve produced a number of S&® Guides to all things marketing-related which many brand marketers have found useful. Feel free to download as many as you like from the list below …

Building a Brand on Facebook

Any business operating in a B2C marketplace should consider using a Facebook presence to encourage consumer engagement with their brand.

Building a Brand for the Smaller Business
Building a brand needn’t mean spending big bucks – how you go about it is more important than how much you spend.

The Dos and Don’ts of Social Marketing
An effective means of engaging with customers but it pays to tread carefully in this relatively new arena.

Email Marketing Metrics
It’s so important that you’re able to measure the effectiveness of your Company’s emarketing programme.

Getting the Best out of your Agency
Proactively managing the relationship with your ad agency will help you get the best out of them.

Developing a Communications Strategy
Tips on how best to develop an effective brand communications strategy will prove useful to every marketer.

Outdoor Advertising Terms
As an advertising medium Outdoor Media is quite unique, with its own audience measurement techniques and its own terms to describe them.

Evaluating Creative Proposals
If you’re often asked to judge creative advertising proposals you’ll know it’s not an easy thing to do.

Print Production Terms
Even if you don’t buy print yourself, if you’re a marketer it helps to know what the more common terms used by the print industry actually mean.

Creative Briefing
Writing a good creative brief is a skill in itself – and it’s true that the better the input is, the better the output will be.

Digital File Formats
It’s useful to understand the nature and purpose of the various digital file formats you’ll come across in your working day.

Proofreader’s Mark-ups
Features the most common squiggle marks and their meanings to help you mark-up a print proof correctly.

Television Advertising Terms
From OTS to TVRs – here you’ll find the TV ad terms you’re most likely to come across, and their definitions.