S&® – e-marketing

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Inexpensive to produce and easy to personalise, well-targeted commercial emailings produce results. Especially when appropriate techniques are applied to reduce bounce rates and to avoid your emails being seen as spam.

S&® can write, design and manage email campaigns for you. Alternatively, we can create your own email account, supplying you with editable email templates for you to create and manage the campaigns yourself.



Whether it’s a basic press release, monthly newsletter or a product offers email, S&® can produce creative templates that will remain on your account for you to edit and re-use as and when you need them.


Detailed campaign reports make it easy to see exactly what is and isn’t working in the emails you send. Compare stats like open-rates, clicks, bounces, unsubscribes and even spam complaints.


Learn what content your subscribers find relevant by tracking what links they click. You sales team can then quickly respond and follow up any leads


See how people respond to your campaigns in real time. Allowing you to respond quickly to potential sales opportunities.


See which of your emails bounced and why, and figure out if you should try sending again or remove the name from your database.


You can quickly and easily import your own database into your account. Any new signups, unsubscribes and bounces will be automatically tracked and updated.


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