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Anti-Malarial Travel Mag Ad Campaign for Travelpharm

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S&®’s new ad campaign for Travelpharm’s anti-malarial medications hits the travel magazines.

S&® has produced a travel magazine ad campaign comprising three full page ad executions for agency client Travelpharm, the online pharmacy specialising in medications for adventure travel, particularly anti-malarial tablets.

With many UK university students taking a gap year out to explore malaria-ridden regions of Asia, Africa and South America the campaign focuses on them with creatively-targeted ads in backpacking publications such as Student 365, The Gap Travel Guide and What’s On Travel Guide. The ads also target mature adventure travelers in the more mainstream adventure travel mags such as Wanderlust, Adventure Travel, Travel Africa and Lonely Planet Traveller.

Concept & copy: Andy Sellers. Art direction: Tony Greentree.