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TV advertising is within your reach

“TV advertising is far too expensive for us” is a phrase often heard when a local or smaller advertiser is planning their advertising campaign.

Actually, it is more affordable than many marketing folk think. The cost of getting your brand on screen and seen by substantial numbers of potential customers in your local catchment area is very reasonable. A contributing factor to this is the local packages available across many regions in the UK.

These packages start from just over £1,000 for 15 x 10 second spots! Granted, this is for the Border region, and so would obviously only benefit those in the area but other regions are priced reasonably and accordingly to their audience size. When we say ‘regions’, this can in some cases be a densely populated area, for example the Central East region which contains over a million homes (with just under 2 million adults). Within this region are the key areas of Derby, Nottingham, Leicester and Grantham. All of these within relatively easy travel times of each other – which presents any local advertiser with an attractive universe of potential customers!

These clusters of urban high volume towns and cities are repeated in many regions and micro regions within the UK.

Cost-effective airtime packages
Packages vary from region to region, but in general they consist of a predetermined number of peak and off peak spots, for example a ‘Bronze’ package in the Central East area includes 5 x peak time spots and 10 x off peak spots. In this region, this package will reach approximately 0.6 million adults, i.e. 600,000 adults will see the commercial at least once and around 40,000 adults in the area will see view the commercial four times or more. Each adult in the region will have the opportunity to see* the commercial twice.
(*OTS of between 3-5 is deemed to be a good guideline for a TV campaign).

One package alone will of course have a positive effect for any advertiser, particularly when combined with other marketing activity, but as with all advertising, repeating the exposure or increasing the weight of the campaign will provide a much stronger proposition. Taking two of the aforementioned packages would yield the following figures:
Approximately 885,000 adults would see the commercial at least once, and around 167,000 adults would see the commercial four times or more.

The noticeable effect here is that more people see the commercial on several occasions, constantly reinforcing the message to a viewer! These packages range from 12 spots up to 50 spots per package, and they can be combined with one another or repeated, and so they have the flexibility to be used in any way you like.

“Production will cost us a fortune!”
Not necessarily – the cost depends on your individual requirements, if you have a local event for example, a 10 second commercial with a still graphic may be all that is required or you may decide that a 30 second live action production will be better to showcase a new product launch. The good news for advertisers and production companies is that many of these packages come with some sort of production cost subsidies, making it even more affordable to get your brand on TV!

Reaching a specifically targeted audience
If you are aiming to expand to a wider market or you have a web or mail order based product, the ever growing list of digital channels presents many opportunities with which to reach a national audience.

If you can identify your customer profile then it is quite simple to match the channels that are viewed by your type of customer. In doing this it is then possible to construct a campaign across specifically targeted channels, thus avoiding unnecessary wastage. A number of these channels actually sell their inventory at cost per thousands that are almost as low as local radio stations – in the realms of £2.50* per thousand impacts! (*Based on daytime rates)

An example of this manner of targeting could be an upmarket food product. With this, you can look at testing a channel such as Good Food. The channel doesn’t have a massive audience but most viewers will have a propensity to purchase food related products.

Television is still the strongest advertising medium and recent studies show that ROI figures outperform all other media channels. With the right planning and implementation it can be used very effectively at a cost affordable to many advertisers.

Richard Wilkinson
Broadcast Manager, Media Wow